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Quality Control

Whether in the food industry, cosmetics or animal feed, Precia Molen offers you a wide range of solutions and products to optimize your quality controls. Discover also all our recommendations and news.

Quality is an essential issue for companies

Every company, whatever its field of activity, must guarantee the quality of the products it markets. Whether it is to meet the requirements of its customers or the legal requirements in force. In this context, quality control becomes essential to guarantee product conformity.

Weight measurement, a quality requirement

Quality control is a procedure that takes place at each stage of the design of the finished product. In many areas, weight measurement is one of the criteria for product quality. Measuring the weight can help identify a dosage error, a missing product or a breakage during the production process, including for pre-packaged products, and thus limit non-conformities as much as possible.

Precia Molen, partner in quality management

Precia Molen products allow you to carry out quality control directly on your production line. With the CKW 410 LOG checkweigher, you can dynamically control the weight of your products. The SQC software allows you to monitor the quality of your products from the first to the last step of production, from a computer, a tablet or a weighing terminal. Our measuring instruments meet the quality standards defined by legal metrology and the Precia Molen Service teams have the necessary certifications for their periodic control. They also have COFRAC accreditation for the calibration and adjustment of your measuring instruments in industrial metrology.

High Capacity Checkweigher CKW 410 LOG

High Capacity Checkweigher CKW 410 LOG

Statistical Quality Control application SQC

SQC application : Statistical Quality Control

Dynamic Weighing of Heavy Loads and Processing of Nonconformities

Dynamic Weighing of Heavy Loads and Processing of Nonconformities

Dynamic checkweighers are designed to check the weight of your products directly on your production lines without having to stop them. It offers many advantages for the control of pre-packaged […]

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