Precia molenVolumetric weight: the new shipping costs

Volumetric weight: the new shipping costs

April 6, 2023

E-commerce has grown exponentially in recent years, especially since the last confinements. Over 160 billion packages are shipped worldwide every year!


Volumetric weight: the new challenge for local logistics, both for ecommerce and for final customers.

Behind our online shopping are logistics services. For them, the challenge is to deliver all these parcels in accordance with consumers’ expectations: speed, punctuality, proximity, and predictivity. The volume of the packages is now a decisive factor in choosing the most efficient and agile delivery method according to the last mile environment: bicycle, light vehicle, van, or truck…

Take a look at your delivery notes: you will find the weight of your package. If you discover 20kg for a bulky but not-so-heavy item, it is not a mistake! The size is also taken into account in the calculation of the volumetric weight, and in some cases, the difference in delivery costs can be important.


Volumetric weight: how to define it?


Originating from international air transport, the volumetric weight is expressed in kilograms but is measured in centimeters! It is calculated as follows:  VW = L x W x H (in cm) / F.

F is key. It represents the weight considered for a package of 1m3 and is called the “conversion factor”. It is a reference specific to each service provider. Usually, it oscillates between 4500 and 6000.

The value of F is indicated in your contracts or your delivery notes.

Shippers: remember to optimize your packaging so as not to unknowingly increase your shipping costs! PRECIA MOLEN offers a whole range of products for calculating volumetric weight.

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