Precia molenWeighing solutions for the wine industry

Weighing solutions for the wine industry

November 19, 2015


PRECIA MOLEN’s global weighing solutions perfect meet the needs of the wine industry: from harvest reception to end product marketing, along with a quantitative and qualitative analysis of intakes.

PROGIC is our harvest traceability and management software application that handles all reception operations

PROGIC software processes and stores all weighing data, and prints weighing tickets. It can adapt to all software and automation requirements for receiving grapes on bins or on a weighbridge.

PROGIC also includes analyzing data tools such as refractometers, remote displays and weighing indicators.

LA 02 Refractometer measures up the harvest sugar rate that will later turn into the alcohol percentage. Though offering the benefits of a more modern design, it keeps all the features from the previous model.



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