Precia molen Laboratory Weighing Balances Analytical scales and desiccators

Analytical scales and desiccators

Our laboratory scales are designed for easy operation and result reading. They all have a stainless-steel platform for easy maintenance and can be fitted with a protective cage to suit your needs.

The PML 3000, LX and LS analytical scales are highly accurate from 0.0001g to 1g, while the PML 2000 scale is accurate from 0.001g to 0.1g and can be connected to a thermal printer.

Our scales also have a built-in and optional auto-calibration and adjustment function and many other features.

Whatever your needs, our Precia Molen experts will be able to guide you towards the analytical scales that suit you!

To complete your equipment, Precia Molen also offers the XM halogen desiccator for moisture analysis. Easy to use and with a fluorescent display, it has a weighing range of 124g and an accuracy of 0.001g.

The other products in the range

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