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Laboratory Weighing Balances

Our robust, high-performance laboratory scales are easy to use and ideal for many applications and professions. They support your operations throughout the entire process, from testing and analysis to production.

Benefits of our laboratory scales:

  • Stainless steel platform
  • Multi-function (weighing, counting, checkweighing, totalizing…)
  • Ideal for quality control, analysis, or production
  • A wide range of high precision laboratory balances to meet the needs of all industries

What are the different types of laboratory scales?

Laboratory scales are divided into different categories, intended for different phases of the industrial process.

Laboratory checkweighing scales are specially designed for product entry controls, especially in the food-processing and chemical industries. Laboratory checkweighing scales are used to assess the quality of incoming products and ensure that they meet the specifications. The choice of interval will depend on your needs and the products to be checked.

Analytical balance are highly accurate: the intervals are finer, and the tolerances (measurement results within an acceptable margin) are drastically reduced. Analytical laboratory scales are used for weighing small quantities of products. They offer results with several decimal places to minimize the error margin for fast and accurate results, everywhere, all the time.

Industrial laboratory scales offer larger capacities, up to 34 kg, with an accuracy of 0.01g to the gram to ensure perfect precision weighing on larger product volumes. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, bottle filling… the uses of production laboratory scales are huge!

A no-compromise design

Efficiency, look, ease of use: the PRECIA MOLEN wide range of laboratory balances and scales leaves nothing to chance. The various displays available ensure maximum results readability, regardless of the function you need to use.

Most of our laboratory scales can be used for various purposes: weighing, counting, weighing in percent, animal weighing, checkweighing (mainly used in formulation) and totalizing.

The platforms of our precision balances are made of stainless steel to be easily cleaned and to meet the requirements of the most sensitive environments. Depending on the model you choose, several options are available: liquid crystal display or backlit LCD screen, protective cage…

Find the right weighing balance for you in our specific range!

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