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MasterData Collection Solution

The CubeTape digital tape measure allows you to scan, measure and transmit information to your ERP or WMS software, or to Quanta software. Unroll, scan, and get the dimensions of your product.


The Benefits of the CubeTape Digital Tape Measure

  • Simplicity: no training required
  • Connectivity: real time communication with your software solution (ERP, WMS)
  • Productivity: volumetric weight determined in 3 clicks
  • Availability: robustness and battery life of over 7 hours

Using our digital tape measure is very simple. Scan your product and take its dimensions with the tape measure – these are automatically transmitted to your ERP or WMS. In 3 clicks, you determine the volumetric weight of your shipments. Installation is plug & play. Above all, the tape measure is robust, so it can accompany you in your logistics environments.


Scan, Measure, Transmit

Using the CubeTape digital tape measure is quick and easy. It allows you to read the barcode and then manually collect the dimensions of the parcel or package. It works like a traditional tape measure, but once the length is validated, it is automatically transferred to your ERP or WMS. As a bonus, it is possible to connect a scale, and with a fourth click, you also get the weight of the product.


Automatic Measurement Transfer

Typing errors account for an average of 32% of entries, but with CubeTape, you can avoid them. Unroll the tape measure, press the button and the measurement is transmitted. Simple and effective.

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