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Continuous weighing controllers

PRECIA MOLEN continuous weighing controllers allow you to track the weighing operations of your belt scales or weighing conveyors. Control the production of one or more belts from these weighing terminals and stay connected to your scales!

Why use a continuous weighing controller?

  • Monitor your production processes in real time or based on averages
  • Track production on one or more belt scales
  • Connect your scales to a monitoring system
  • Interact on your weighing conveyors

More than just weight indicators, our weighing electronics for continuous weighing allow you to track belt weighing operations throughout your facility, on-site or remotely. They measure the flow of any bulk product, without any capacity limit, using a weight measurement board and a speed acquisition board for monitored conveyors.

A foolproof design!

Designed to operate in the harshest weather and operating conditions, PRECIA MOLEN industrial weighing terminals are tough. They are also available in an EX version, for use in hazardous environments.

Different designs allow you to install them wherever you need them: your indicator can be recessed in a cabinet or remotely installed close to your belt scales. In addition, all PRECIA MOLEN continuous weighing controllers have a customizable display: you choose to display the information that is important to you. The keyboard then allows you to access other information.

These terminals can also manage printers for all your ticket printing needs, either manually or automatically.

Controllers tailored to your business

Beyond the design, our weighing controller software is also designed to meet your needs: average flow, average conveyor speed, automatic or manual zero request, totalizations or instantaneous flow calculation – continuous weighing terminals meet the requirements of your business.

With single weighing applications (for monitoring a single belt scale) or multi weighing applications (for managing up to 8 scales), PRECIA MOLEN continuous weighing indicator software adapts to the size of your facility.

The software used in our weighing electronics is specifically designed for continuous weighing: there is no adaptation or general software. At PRECIA MOLEN, we know your business and your needs, and we use this knowledge to develop our weighing solutions.


Connect to your scales!

When away from your production site, keep a constant eye on your belt scales. The Weigh2Flow mobile application allows you to track the production of up to 20 scales, on one or more sites. This means that you can request quick response to any problems and increase your productivity! For additional functionality, you can also purchase software for continuous weighing supervision.

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