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Belt scales and weighing conveyors

Precia Molen offers different ranges of belt scales and weighing conveyors for continuous weighing of bulk products on your conveyor lines. They are ideal for transporting materials to storage points or for loading/unloading operations.

Benefits of our belt scales and weighing conveyors solutions:

  • Weigh your materials without stopping production
  • Easily integrate with existing conveyors
  • Track your inventory
  • Choose the accuracy you need

Continuous weighing of bulk material is one way to weigh these products in motion without stopping the flow rate of material around your facility. The products are conveyed on belts, from receipt to dispatch or storage.

Belt scales

Belt scales are a key component of a continuous weighing line: they are installed under your conveyor belts, enabling the dynamic weighing of transported materials. You can measure the quantities of raw material entering your facility during unloading operations or, on the contrary, the quantities that are about to leave for shipment. You can also track inventory status by weighing bulk products as they pass through your facility to or from your storage areas on your conveyor belt scales.

PRECIA MOLEN belt scales are available in several ranges to meet your exact needs: robust, lightweight, single-station scale or multi-station scale for more precision… all designed to withstand the toughest operating conditions!

Weighing conveyors

If scales cannot be installed under the conveyor belts of your facility, a weighing conveyor can be installed. This supplements your equipment with belt scales which allows you to integrate a continuous weighing solution into your facility quickly and independently. Weighing conveyors are used for automatic loading operations, continuous weighing of products in food processes or with sealed circuits for powdery products.

Uses of belt weighing

Belt weighing is used in many industries. For example, in the agribusiness industry, weighing-in-motion of bulk products can be used for transiling operations for grain handling or preparing batches for shipment. Belt scales and weighing conveyors are commonly used in extraction sites such as mines or quarries, where the extracted raw materials are transported for processing or storage prior to shipment. In the food-processing industry, continuous weighing is used to track the quantities of raw materials entering the facility or the weight of certain finished products before they are packaged in batches.

If your site requires the implementation of a mobile or long conveyor and you need to supply weight indicators or displays to monitor your production, PRECIA MOLEN offers an electro-generator which can supply power to up to 8 belt scales independently, without wiring.

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