Precia molenTruckflow: weighing performance and user-friendliness with a weighbridge.

Truckflow: weighing performance and user-friendliness with a weighbridge.

July 4, 2017

You need a solution designed to optimise the operation of your installation in real time whilst offering organisational logistics fluidity? PRECIA MOLEN discloses TRUCKFLOW .



Access control and product input/output monitoring are big issues in waste processing and collection site management. TRUCKFLOW eases the operator’s daily work with intuitive data entry for every weigh. Only relevant information are requested from the operator or directly from the driver in the case of weighing terminals near the weighbridge. The number of entries can be even further reduced by using predefined badges or by the automatic reading of number plates.

Multiple weighbridge and multiple site management.

TRUCKFLOW offers an instant view of all transiting vehicles in your site and to manage with simplicity and reliability the inputs and outputs on several weighbridges simultaneously.
Moreover, you can administer your own database and therefore internally manage exports/imports, back-ups and the edition of detailed reports in the periodicity meeting your needs.
This database can be shared on several sites ; TRUCKFLOW gives you the possibility to manage several installations in one single point so that you can follow up all your activity in one glance, even on various different sites.


Barrier and traffic lights are often required to manage road traffic around a weighbridge. TRUCKFLOW offers you a software monitoring of these elements, thus avoiding heavy and limiting button boxes. The software also takes and store photos before and after the weigh. All transactions are backed up in databases to offer the administrator the edition of detailed daily, monthly and yearly reports listed in 3 hierarchical levels.


Our software allows for several operators. However, in addition to user preference back-up,  TRUCKFLOW offers access level management and screen customisation for each user, on 4 levels: supervisor, administrator, advanced weigher, weighing operator. Each will have a direct access to their required tools without seeing unwanted options. Customise the home screen with your logo, and change the software language whenever you want!


You are in charge of industrial sites with product inputs and outputs? You wish to have a unique database for all your installations? You want to facilitate your operators’ work on your weighbridges whilst automating some tasks? Ask for more information on TRUCKFLOW by filling in our contact form.

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