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Precia Molen offers a comprehensive range of weighing software designed to manage your data and processes. Discover also all our recommendations and our news to optimize the operation of your installation.

The role of software in weighing

In the age of Industry 4.0, weighing is no longer limited to simple weight control. Various software tools now allow you to remotely manage many weighing operations, retrieve and process data for the process, statistics or real-time analysis: this is called connected weighing. PRECIA MOLEN's weighing software solutions and applications can be easily integrated with your own software to provide complete management of your processes. Precia Molen has solutions for industrial weighing, from entry into your production sites to shipping, including material processing and performance analysis.

Supervision software

Entries/exits on your site are a key point: manage material flows on your sites and automatically record the weighing operations carried out thanks to weighbridge and weighing terminal management software. With Truckflow, PRECIA MOLEN offers a comprehensive software solution that is quick to learn and meets all your needs. Our Databulk supervision software adapts to your business! In the "continuous weighing" version, when you need to manage belt scales and conveyors, Databulk BS allows you to monitor your scales remotely, centralize and record your data. Follow your production and loading operations in real time from a remote screen. In the "discontinuous weighing" version, Databulk ABS is a supervision software for hopper scales. Program and launch common loading and unloading operations directly from your PC or even inter-silo transfers for grain aeration.

Manage weighing remotely

PRECIA MOLEN offers the Weigh2Control mobile application for managing weighing and remote access to certain functions of your scales and weight indicators. Find the data that is important to you on your smartphone! To always keep an eye on your belt scales and conveyors, the Weigh2flow mobile application allows you to stay connected to your production sites in real time wherever you are. You can monitor the flow of your conveyors directly from your smartphone.

Performance analysis

If you want a comprehensive software solution for tracking, performance analysis and decision support in the quarry, then turn to Performance. It connects easily to your production PLCs and allows you to monitor all your indicators related to production, quantities produced or energy used in real time. When an anomaly occurs, you can be alerted directly on your phone to limit the impact on your production capacity.

weighbridge software

Weighbridge & In/Out weighing management software – TRUCKFLOW

WEIGH2CONTROL connected weighing

WEIGH2CONTROL: connected weighing, remotely!


DATABULK ABS automatic bulk scale software

Continuous weighing supervision software DATABULK BS

Continuous weighing supervision software DATABULK BS


New smartphone app Weigh2Control: connected weighing, remotely!

The Weigh2Control application centralizes and simplifies weighing management operations, even remotely. Access all the functions of your instruments (tare, weighing, counting, product records…) without having to move.   Tare a […]

weighbridge management software

Truckflow: weighing performance and user-friendliness with a weighbridge.

You need a solution designed to optimise the operation of your installation in real time whilst offering organisational logistics fluidity? PRECIA MOLEN discloses TRUCKFLOW .     Access control and […]

With the WEIGH2FLOW application, stay connected to your production tool!

Keeping an eye on the flow rates of your conveyors while attending off-site meetings? It is now possible with our new smartphone application, WEIGH2FLOW. Available for Android and IOS, WEIGH2FLOW […]

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