Multi-station belt weigher TAB

The TAB multi-station belt weigher scale model was designed for weighing bulk products in the extractive, mineral, cement, fertilizer or phosphates production, agri-industry, sugar refinery, timber, recycling industry market sectors and other activities using belt conveyors.

The TAB scale can be installed in a new conveyor or can easily replace at least two roller stations of an existing conveyor. This weighing infrastructure can be equipped with more than two roller stations in order to obtain the expected accuracy.

Combined with PRECIA MOLEN I 410 MBS electronics, it can be used to carry out commercial transactions in some regulatory accuracy classes.

Dedicated Software

Software for multiple-channel continuous weighing I 410 MBS

The multiple-channel software I 410 MBS (multi-belt scale) has been designed to measure variable-capacity flows of all bulk products without any capacity limit. It is connected to transmitters (from 1 to 8). Each transmitter integrates a board measuring weight and acquires the running speed of the conveyor belt. The link between the terminal and the transmitters is ensured by a CAN Open fieldbus (up to 500 metres).

i40 BS (continuous weighing)

The BS application is designed to measure the flow rates of any bulk product, without capacity limit. It integrates a weight measuring card and an acquisition card of the belt or screw conveyor speed.

The other products in the range

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