Precia molenBulk Weighing

Bulk Weighing

Precia Molen offers you solutions for weighing bulk products to improve process performance. Food industry, extractive industry or waste management, discover all our tips and news.

i40BS - continuous weighing

Weight indicator i40 BS Connected for continuous weighing


DATABULK ABS automatic bulk scale software

FX - Twin belt scales

Single-station structure FX / TWIN

hopper scale ABS XL

Hopper scale ABS-XL


Automatic Bulk Scale ABS-XF

MWS10 belt scale

MWS 10 Belt Scale

Indicator I 410

Weighing indicator I 410

Multi-station belt weigher TAB

Multi-station belt weigher TAB

Continuous weighing supervision software DATABULK BS

Continuous weighing supervision software DATABULK BS


New Grain Installations in Russia

Thanks to the expertise of the MILVITEKA company, which recently joined the group, PRECIA MOLEN can now extend its offer in the cereal industry by offering solutions which integrate both […]

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