Weighing Indicator i55 TOUCH

The i55 Touch terminal is an innovative tool for weighing and traffic management of road vehicles, focused on sales and customer satisfaction. To ensure traceability of weighings, the terminal facilitates automated data transfer from your computer system, eliminating tedious manual entry tasks and the associated risks of errors. Furthermore, various solutions are available for transferring weighing results to your management tools, ensuring seamless integration into your existing processes. Its 7-inch touchscreen serves as the central point of interaction with the application, providing a simple and responsive interface to minimize transaction time.


The i55 Touch weighing electronics offers several vehicle identification modes, such as manual entry, badge usage, or license plate reading, ensuring secure site access with precise traceability. It also offers the ability to support traffic lights and barriers, as well as cameras, enabling full control of traffic and smooth operations.

Combined with PSL digital compression load cells, it ensures that the weighbridge is fully operational and provides data to anticipate the risk of breakdown. In this way, preventive maintenance operations can be set up.


The i55 Touch weighing electronics has different applications tailored to various markets, including:


SL: Ethernet network indicator controlled by our TRUCKFLOW software or your own weighing management application.


WMU: Standalone indicator, where the weighing operator locally manages weighbridge entry/exit. Each weighing data is stored in real time but can also be exported (real-time or defined frequency) to a remote ERP system.



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