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Weighbridges Indicators and Display – Repeaters for scales

Precia Molen offers you weighing terminals and displays – weight repeaters to enhance your vehicle weighing solutions and make it easier for operators to use and track operations.

A weighbridge requires equipment such as weight repeaters or weighing indicators, as well as terminals to control access and accessories to make the weighbridge easier to operate.

Our weighing electronics and weight repeaters help you:

  • Read weights more easily
  • Check the various accessories equipping your weighbridges
  • Make life easier for operators and drivers

Weight Repeaters

Our weight displays are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They allow users to view the weight of their cargo without getting out of the vehicle. The display is easy to read from a long distance and in very bright light.

For weighbridges used in both directions, a dual-sided option is available to facilitate readability regardless of the direction in which the weighbridge is used.

Our weighbridge external display meet regulatory requirements and are compatible with many protocols ensuring their compatibility with most weighing indicators on the market.

Weighing electronics

Our weighing indicators support in- and out-of-plant vehicle weighing operations to determine the weight of goods brought in or taken away.

They provide reports for a meaningful analysis of activity. Results can also be transmitted to external processing systems in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our different types of weighbridge indicators are easy to interface with weight repeaters and industrial PCs, as well as accessories that complement your scales.

They can manage your entry and exit lights and have a memory capacity of up to 300,000 weighing operations. The i35 weighing electronics are also equipped with a weight lock, which makes the weighbridge unusable outside of business hours.

Our powerful weighing indicators are suitable for managing long scale lengths.

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