Precia molenXKP Gravimetric Belt Extractor

XKP Gravimetric Belt Extractor

The XKP Gravimetric Belt Extractor structure consists of a feed hopper with side guides, and a fully weighed belt extractor connected to an upper frame via 2 pivot points positioned along the feed line. A geared motor with integrated speedometer is mounted at the opposite end connected by a traction rod to a load cell weighing device. Belt centering through adjustable V-shaped return roller, automatic belt tensioning with weighted springs; safety protection conforming to standards in force. Mounted under hoppers, silos, floor stocks, the XK structure is suitable for extracting, handling, dosing bulk granular products of large particle size. Belt width: 650 to 1400 mm Idler centre distance: 1500 and 2200 mm Throughput: from 1 m3/hto 300 m3/h as per model Achievable accuracy: ± 1 to 2 % Options :

  • Bar or plate slide control
  • vibrating feed hopper
  • specific feed hopper
  • cover on product stream + metal discharge chute with dust extraction connection
  • full cover with inspection hatch

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