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Recipe Control

Precia Molen offers you weighing solutions that guarantee precise dosages and traceability of production. Discover also all our recommendations and news to optimize the management of formulations and recipes.

Recipe control as a guarantee

The formulation of products is found in many industries: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, perfumery, food... Whether it is for small-scale production with manual product manufacturing or industrialized production, it is necessary to be able to carry out a recipe control, in order to guarantee the quality of the finished products. Each product manufacturer will define the specifications of the product during a phase of research and development so that it corresponds to what it wishes to produce in every way (taste, color, texture, odor, effectiveness...). The control of recipe will allow to guarantee the conformity of the product.

How is recipe control carried out?

If the production is artisanal, the manufacturing is often manual, the control will therefore be done via a scale connected to the i25 Touch indicator. Thanks to its "color control" function, you can instantly check the dosage of each component and correct the recipe with tolerance control which allows the recalculation of the recipe if an error is made. The I700 weighing electronics, associated with the MRC application, also allows the creation of multi-ingredient recipes. When the production is industrialized, the I410 weighing indicator allows the control of single-dose products with the SDU application. For recipe control of finished or semi-finished products, the MDU application allows multi-product dosing. Precia Molen has the right recipe control solution for every stage of your production, whether you are an artisan or in the industrial sector.

i25 touch indicator

Weighing indicator i25 Touch

MRC Manual recipe control

MRC application : manual recipe control

weighing indicator I700

Indicator I 700 weighing terminal


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