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Platform Scales & Load receptors

Do you need a weighing platform for your industrial activity? Discover our complete range of platforms which can be connected to most weighing indicators and are available in painted or stainless steel versions, for floor installation or pit mounted, with or without access ramp.


Benefits of our weighing platform ranges:

  • Capacities from 1.5kg to 6000kg
  • Stainless steel versions for the most sensitive industrial environments
  • Floor-standing or pit mounted platforms
  • Meets legal metrology requirements

The weighing platform is the most frequently used measuring tool in industrial environments. Fast and easy to use, the various platform sizes and multiple capacities offered make it essential in reception, manufacturing or storage processes. From the smallest to the largest, from 1.5kg to 6 tons, discover our different ranges of platforms.


Ready for intensive use

PRECIA MOLEN platforms fit in your industry: protection rating, design material (steel or stainless steel weighing scale), Ex version for potentially explosive atmospheres… Each of our industrial platforms is designed to meet the exact needs of your activity. For example, stainless steel scales are perfectly suited to a food processing environment where this specific material is required for hygiene and easy cleaning purposes.


Easily integrated platforms

For loads up to 300kg, PRECIA MOLEN offers various types of platforms weighing scales which can be moved if required. Place them – on the floor, on a table – and carry out your industrial weighing operations in a comfortable environment, fully adapted to your needs. They are easily transportable and have a small footprint.

From 300kg to 6 tons, our R4 range (4 load cells platforms) takes over with larger platforms, to be used as floor scales or pit mounted scales to facilitate the handling of loads. The low profile platforms with a ramp are especially useful for weighing heavy loads on wheels, such as in the logistics or laundry sector, or wherever you need to weigh hand-transported pallets.

The platforms in our ranges can be connected to all types of weighing indicators. For ease of use and integration into your working environment, these instruments can be installed either directly on the scales or remotely.

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