Precia molen Platform Scales & Load receptors Load receptor R1TP: from 15kg to 150kg

Load receptor R1TP: from 15kg to 150kg

The R1TP platform scale is designed for ranges of 15kg, 30kg, 60kg and 150kg and has an IP65 waterproof certification.

Its composite material structure houses a central support point aluminium load cell, which combines accuracy and reliability.

Its low weight (less than 10kg), its integrated transport handle and the dimensions of its plate (350*350mm) ensure a good compromise between size and use and make it an easily movable work tool.

The R1 TP platform scales can be used in association with various PRECIA MOLEN range indicators for trade or non-trade use. They can be supplied in compact version (indicator fitted to theR1 TP), mounted on column or modular (indicator not fitted to theR1 TP).

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