Precia molen Platform Scales & Load receptors R4 load receptor: from 300kg to 6000kg

R4 load receptor: from 300kg to 6000kg

The R4 load receptors are specially designed for intensive use and equipped with 4 shear beam load cells for optimum reliability and accuracy.

Available in capacities from 300kg to 3000kg (6000kg for the R4+) and platform sizes from 800×800 to 2000×1500, our platforms can be used floor standing or pit mounted to suit your needs.

The level of sealing of the platform and the design material (steel or stainless steel) can also be adapted to suit your industry requirements.

The R4 range of load receptors consists of several platforms:

  • The R4 SB: The R4 SB low profile load receptor is specially designed for weighing all types of hand-held rolling loads. It has a range of 300kg to 2000kg.
  • The R4 LPW: The R4 LPW is a low-profile receptor designed for weighing all types of travelling loads. Foldable and made entirely of stainless steel, it is easy to clean and meets all hygiene and cleanliness requirements. It has a range of 300kg to 2000kg.
  • The R4 +: The R4 + load receptor has been designed for weighing loads handled by forklifts in a harsh industrial environment. It has a range of 1500kg to 6000kg and is resistant to vehicle flow in every direction.

The R4 range of platform scales can be used in association with many PRECIA MOLEN indicators for both legal for trade and non-legal for trade applications.

The R4 platform is also available in an Ex-version, for installation on sites where there is a risk of bacteriological contamination or potentially explosive atmospheres.

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