Precia Molen offers scales that are tailored to the type of vehicles being weighed, your environment, and the traffic at your facility. Get a bespoke solution with our portable, modular weighbridges.

A weighbridge is essential when material is moving through your facility. Regardless of your environment, the type of materials and vehicles moving around your site (tractor, train or semi-trailer), we can provide a weighbridge tailored to your needs.

Our vehicle weighing solutions are designed to:

  • Support the traffic and vehicles present on your site
  • Withstand the environmental constraints of their location
  • Adapt to traffic constraints
  • Be portable for your mobile jobsites

Support for selecting your weighbridge

Buying a weighbridge is a long-term investment, which is why you need to consider a host of parameters before equipping yourself. Our teams are available to help you select the right weighbridge for your needs.

Depending on the type of vehicle and materials passing through your facility, the number of daily weighing operations you perform, the usage you want, and where you want your weighbridge to be located, the equipment offered will not be the same. Our “Customer Projects” unit allows us to work on bespoke projects to match your expectations.

Define the features of your weighbridge

Analyzing your truck weighbridge usage will help you determine the length and width of your equipment, as well as which building material to use.

A concrete weighbridge is preferable when there is heavy traffic on site, while lighter steel is ideal if your weighbridge needs to be portable for mobile construction sites.

The type of material flowing through your facility and the regulations related to your operation will also help you determine the maximum capacity of your scale and the scale interval.

Having the right weighbridge ensures that the right weight is measured in a commercial transaction.

Equip your weighbridges with the right instrumentation

The equipment and accessories fitted on your weighbridge help your operators keep traffic moving around your weighbridge.

Precia Molen has access control and weighing terminal solutions to secure the entrances and exits of your facilities as well as weighing terminals and weight repeaters for easy weight reading. Operating equipment and recording data can be facilitated by using our Truckflow software.

Our industrial scales can also complement your facility’s equipment in order to determine the weight of pallets before loading, for example.

Whatever your needs, the Precia Molen teams can support you in commissioning and maintaining your weighbridges and equipment.

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