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The i25 Touch evolves!

January 17, 2019

Applications, ergonomics, storage: the i25 Touch weighing indicator evolves to offer you even more possibilities and better ease of use.



On the application side, checkweighing in formulation mode now enables automatic re-calculation of the formula if your pre-defined thresholds are exceeded. Algebraic summing allows you to add the results of two measurement channels together, or even to weigh a single large item on two platforms. The three results (platform 1 – platform 2 – the sum of both) can be displayed on dedicated screens which can be toggled between with a simple swipe or gathered on a single screen.

Connect a bar-code reader to your i25 Touch to identify your products and manage your stock without any risk of error! For even more speed, your favorite items are gathered in a dedicated list and illustrated for instant recognition.

Finally, all your activities on your i25 Touch can be saved, stored and exported via USB drive in CSV format. The weighing indicator generates them automatically, in addition to TXT files, and allows you to export them for all your archival, sharing or reporting needs.


The i25 Touch, of course, still features an exceptionally seamless and qualitative user interface, color-coded visual feedback for the checkweighing function, customizable screens and custom ticket printouts, data shown in graphics in real time and connectivity which allows you to control your i25 remotely!


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