Precia molenIndustrial weighing

Industrial weighing

Precia Molen offers you a wide range of industrial weighing solutions adapted to your business issues and your activity. Discover all our tips and news.

R4 load receptor: from 300kg to 6000kg

R4 load receptor: from 300kg to 6000kg

Indicator I 410

Weighing indicator I 410

Load receptor: R1 TP

Load receptor R1TP: from 15kg to 150kg

WEIGH2CONTROL connected weighing

WEIGH2CONTROL: connected weighing, remotely!

i25 touch indicator

Weighing indicator i25 Touch


The i25 Touch evolves!

Applications, ergonomics, storage: the i25 Touch weighing indicator evolves to offer you even more possibilities and better ease of use.     On the application side, checkweighing in formulation mode […]

R1TP Precia molen new platform scale

New R1TP platform scale: weigh everything everywhere.

Many activities require transportable and resistant weighing devices, that can be adapted to different requirements and working stations. In line with our latest innovations, our new R1TP platform scale offers […]

i5 precia Molen indicator

i5 Weighing Electronics: Adopt it for these 5 reasons!

Weighing electronic ranges are wide and versatile. This is a strong asset when seeking a specific weighing application related to an industry. But it turns into a nightmare when your […]

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