Precia molenIndustrial weighing scalesPallets weigher, crane scales, overhead scales and wall receptor

Pallets weigher, crane scales, overhead scales and wall receptor

Our pallet trucks and crane scales have been designed for intensive and industrial use.  They support you in your daily logistics operations: reception, storage, inventory or shipping.

Benefits of our pallet trucks and crane scales:

  • Easy to use and implement
  • A wide range to suit your needs
  • Easy incoming and shipping controls
  • Some models can work on battery power

Because not everything can be weighed on a platform or scale, PRECIA MOLEN has developed a special range of industrial scales, including weighing crane scales, pallet trucks, pallet scales and overhead scales.  These weighing instruments are used in logistics, production and order picking, in any sector of activity that requires accurate weighing of heavy loads while moving them.

How to weigh pallets?

For weighing pallets, there are various instruments available.

The pallet truck is an important time-saver when you work in a warehouse and must move and weigh pallets inbound or outbound. In one step, you can handle the pallets while weighing them. The pallet truck is also appreciated when your working environment does not allow the installation of a weighing platform or a pallet scale. Saving time, productivity, and space: the pallet truck is an essential weighing instrument!

Pallet scales and weighing bars are load receptors. Like floor scales, they are installed on the floor to receive pallets and check their weight. Some models are movable on casters to be closer to your work area. Stainless steel and IP 67 versions allow you to use them in sensitive environments.

Weighing of hanging loads

Often used in difficult industrial areas, crane scales have a small footprint and can move medium to heavy loads. Our heavy duty crane scales are reliable, and easy to use, and are available in various load capacities. Some models are equipped with remote control for various actions: moving the load, weighing the load and simple functions such as taring or maintaining the weight display.

Do you weigh suspended loads but don’t need to move them? Our overhead scales will meet your needs. The PRECIA MOLEN range of overhead scales has been designed especially for the food-processing industry, in materials that meet all hygiene and safety standards. The scales can be connected to all PRECIA MOLEN indicators.

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