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4 questions to choose your weighbridge 👍

November 25, 2022

Whether you are installing a new weighbridge or replacing an old one, it is never easy to know which equipment will exactly meet your needs. Our teams have pooled their know-how and experience to prepare this new purchase guide: 4 questions to choose a weighbridge.


The weighbridge is a key weighing tool in many fields of activity. Whether it is in the food industry, agricultural cooperatives, chemical industry or extractive industry (mining and quarrying), it must be adapted to your needs. There are many types of weighbridges, and it is often complicated to know which one to choose at first.

As many questions as there are uses and operators.

Concrete or metal bridge? With or without pit? For weighing trucks or tractor trailers? At the site entrance or at the exit? Connected to a terminal or an indicator?

To answer these questions, it is necessary to be able to answer 4 other questions first:

Your answers to these 4 questions will allow you to choose the type of weighbridge that will best meet your expectations.


Bonuses to go further!

To complete this guide, you will find information concerning the instrumentation of your weighbridge: weighing and access control terminal, weighing indicator, remote display. Because a weighbridge without instrumentation allowing you to read the results of your weighing will be of no use to you.

Finally, we talk about automation in this guide. Discover what a weighbridge management software can bring you in terms of data management, weighing automation, traceability…

All this information is developed in this document that you can browse below or download by clicking here.



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