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Vehicle weighing

Precia Molen offers you vehicle weighing solutions to make weighing management easier. To improve the efficiency of your processes, Precia Molen also shares its tips and news with you.


Access control AC425

VS800 Weighbridges: from 50t to 100t

Weighbridge ROC

Weighbridge ROC

Weighing indicator i30

Weighbridge indicator i35

Weighbridge indicator i35

weighbridge software

Weighbridge & In/Out weighing management software – TRUCKFLOW


Discover our new range of weighbridges VS800!

Do you need a cleanable and portable weighbridge? We are introducing our new VS800 range. To adapt more easily to your needs and your work environment, the range includes 3 […]

Installation in Atex zone: Dunkerque LNG

Here are some images of the new vehicle weighing installation for tanker truck loading operations at Dunkerque LNG, owner and operator of the Dunkirk LNG terminal. A 32-meter ROC weighbridge, […]

weighbridge replacement on a waste processing plant

Replacement of a weighbridge on a waste processing and recycling plant

We are taking you to Martinique today! Our teams have carried out a replacement of a weighbridge on a waste processing and recycling plant. After disassembling the existing weighbridge, our […]

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