Precia molen Bulk Discontinuous Weighing DATABULK ABS automatic bulk scale software

DATABULK ABS automatic bulk scale software

The DATA BULK ABS software is a PC application designed for hopper scales. It enables the supervision of the operations that are automated and monitored by our I410ABS indicator.
The operations that are to be performed on one to 8 scales can be pre-programmed and started from the DATA BULK ABS supervision PC. For example:
  • loading trucks, wagons, boats, ships, …
  • unloading,
  • inter-bin transfer to ventilate the grain between units or silos.
Hopper scales connected to the supervision system can be of any type, and can have products to handle and totally different flows.
The software helps entering, processing and saving data on all the operations performed and printing reports such as delivery notes onto a local printer or a printer connected to the site information network. All data can be shared with the company IT system.

The other products in the range

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