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Access Control and Driver Terminals

Precia Molen offers access control and vehicle weighing solutions for easy management of goods entry and exit. Improve site security and process efficiency with our access management systems.

Controlling access to your facility, whether or not it is equipped with weighing equipment, is essential for traffic security and traceability.

Our Identity Access Management (IAM) systems are designed to:

  • Make it easy to enter and exit your facility
  • Identify vehicles
  • Support weighing operations
  • Secure your sites

Control entry and exit flows on your sites

Access control is the first step to entry and is a key component of site security system. However, it should not hold back your business, which is why our access management solutions enable 100% automated access through “contactless” identification by license plate reader, badge reader, bar code, RFID or NFC. This simplifies identity management.


Weigh material entering and leaving your facility

Our weighing terminals also feature “contactless” authentication methods. They make goods easier to weigh in self-service mode by allowing the entry of the necessary information: vehicle typology, type of product transported, carrier, customer, driver identity, etc. They include a printer for ticket printing and can also send weighing data to your management software.

Tailor our access and weight management systems to your needs

Because every customer is unique, our solutions adapt to your needs. Our user access control systems can be controlled by remote PC, have a multilingual interface or allow file transfer or remote maintenance connection.

Accessories can be added to your access control solution and weighing solution and enhance the security level of your facilities, such as automatic barriers, wheel guides, traffic lights, speed bumps and a printing system.

Help make operations traceable

With Truckflow  access control and weighing management software, you can manage vehicle entry and exit at your facility while ensuring the traceability of your operations without time constraints or requiring an operator to be present.

Our weighing and access management software also allows you to control all your equipment, such as safety barriers, two-color lights and radiation protection gantry. Connected to your weighing indicators, it automatically records the weighing operations performed on your weighbridges.

It facilitates the work of your operators while maximizing site safety.

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