Lift range low profile platform scales R4 LPW

The R4 LPW low profile platform scales is a low profile platform scale especially designed to weigh any type of travelling load.


Video of the Lift range low profile platform scales R4 LPW

The height difference, 35 mm for the 800 x 800 and 1 000 x 800 models, and 45 mm for the 1 250 x 1 000 and 1 500 x 1 500 models, offers easy passage of any travelling equipment.
The R4 LPW range offers a wide array of models. Its design corresponding to the EHEDG norm is based on an entirely stainless steel (ASI 304) structure and load cells of a 0.8 μm roughness and meets all hygiene and cleanliness requirements.


The total lifting of the platform by one person* using 2 pneumatic jacks ensures easy and complete cleanliness with a high pressure water jet of the upper and lower parts of the platform.

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