Precia molenHazardous-Area Weighing

Hazardous-Area Weighing

Precia Molen offers you a complete range of certified weighing products and solutions for hazardous areas. Discover also all our tips and news to secure your processes.


Industrial remote display for explosive atmosphere – d 20 Ex 2-21 IECEx

Weight indicator i40 Ex 2-21 IECex – for industrial processes in explosible atmosphere

Weight indicator for potentially explosive atmosphere – i 20 Ex 2-21 IECEx

I200 b-m ex indicator

Indicators I 200 B/M Ex

Weighbridge indicator for explosible atmosphere – i 35 Ex 2-21 IECEx


Installation in Atex zone: Dunkerque LNG

Here are some images of the new vehicle weighing installation for tanker truck loading operations at Dunkerque LNG, owner and operator of the Dunkirk LNG terminal. A 32-meter ROC weighbridge, […]

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