Precia molenWeighing and formulation: 3 solutions for your formulas.

Weighing and formulation: 3 solutions for your formulas.

October 1, 2020

Food, perfume, pharmaceutics, chemicals… Whether your production is artisanal or industrial, you need reliable tools at every manufacturing stage. Dosing and formulation tools are not exempt from this rule: the quality of your finished product depends on the accurate monitoring of the formula.



Manual or automatic, single or multi-product, here are 3 solutions to control weighing and formulation operations which can easily be integrated in your production tool:


With its customizable and colorful interface, the i25Touch weighing indicator is the perfect tool for small quantities of manually performed formulas. At a glance, check that the proportions you have set in the indicator are respected with the “color control”. You can also take advantage of a checkweighing function to re-calculate the formula in case an error occurred. Learn More.



A comprehensive tool for the manual performance of multi-ingredient formulas. In addition to offering production control by batch and to presenting a simple and comprehensive interface, the I700 weighing indicator associated with the MRC application offers advanced functions for traceability and labelling. The assembly can be fully integrated into the company network. Learn more.

MRC Manual recipe control


Automatic industrial dosing and formulation have their weighing indicator! Rugged and et modular, the I410 is the flagship indicator for harsh industrial environments and hazardous areas. In its roster of applications, all intended for different uses, two are designed especially for formulation:

Indicator I 410


For more information, please visit our “formulation and dosing” page, or contact us!

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