Overhead scales

Our overhead scales are specially designed for weighing in the food industry and more specifically for the meat industry. They meet the precision requirements and health standards of the profession through their anti-corrosion design. Our aerial platforms are dust-proof and protected against water splashes in all directions (IP65), to enable daily cleaning, which is essential to meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry.

  • The overhead scale: AEM type all-electronic overhead scale specially protected against corrosion is designed for a range of up to 300kg. It is equipped with a centrally supported load cell. The overhead scale can be connected to all Precia Molen indicators.

The wall receptor: The wall receptor type M, designed for a range of up to 200 kg, allows weighing even in the most confined spaces. Protected against corrosion, this load receptor can be mounted on the wall or on a stand without damaging the floor.

The other products in the range

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