Pallet trucks and weighing bars

Precia Molen pallet trucks are equipped with 4 load cells for maximum reliability and precision. Designed for intensive use, they have a capacity of up to 1500kg.

The JET’ FP P and R4 F PP pallet trucks are available in standard steel and stainless-steel versions and are equipped with castor wheels for easy movement. Their simplified design enables maintenance and servicing to be carried out by a single person.

The JET’ FP P pallet truck is protected to IP 67 (dust and water jet proof). This last model is perfectly adapted to meet the hygiene and cleanliness requirements of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The R2 weighing bars are suitable for weighing most material packages or associated infrastructure. They can be combined with all the weighing indicators and transmitters in the Precia Molen range and are therefore suitable for all weighing applications. The weighing bars are designed for internal use and are available in a range from 300kg to 2000kg.

The other products in the range

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