Crane scales

Precia Molen offers you a whole range of crane scales from 30kg to 6000kg.

  • CS crane scale: Easy to use and compact, the CS crane scale has a range from 30kg to 150kg. The 60kg and 150kg models have an infrared remote control that can communicate up to 15m.
  • CPN crane scale: Simple to use, it has a configurable infrared remote control and is shock and overload protected. Available for capacities from 1500kg to 6000kg, it features automatic tare, totalizing weighing, maximum value storage and weight display retention.
  • CSi5 crane scale: Lift and weigh your loads in one operation, in compliance with the strictest European safety standards. The CSi5 is equipped with a shock protection system and offers an audible and visual indicator to prevent overloading. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (IP66) and is available in a range of models, with capacities from 150kg to 6000kg. The CSi5 is equipped with a removable battery with 40 hours of autonomy.


Do you want to access all the features of your crane scale remotely?

Our CSi5 crane scale is compatible with the Weigh2Control application, which will enable you to control, weigh, record, store and export your data in real time directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone!

The other products in the range

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