Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks facilitate the control of goods in reception, shipment, or inventory by allowing the weighing of pallets or containers during their handling.

This way, you gain in productivity!

Ideal for weighing European pallets, our weighing pallet trucks are equipped with 4 sensors and designed for intensive industrial use. Easy to use, they have a maximum range of 2000kg.

  • The X-TRA pallet truck: Designed for intensive use, shock resistant and dust and moisture proof. Its battery module, which can be replaced very quickly, is designed for 35 hours of use. Functions: Manual and automatic zero correction; gross, tare, net functions; manual and automatic tare; totalization; error display; automatic switch-off after 60 minutes of non-use (programmable).
  • The TPN pallet truck: Designed for intensive use, it has the following functions: Tare, gross, net; simple weighing; summation; automatic cut-off after 5 minutes without use.

The other products in the range

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