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Programmable Indicators and business software

The programmable electronic interfaces adapt to your needs and industrial constraints and provide high metrological performance. Particularly oriented towards process, control and slaving, they offer several business applications.

The benefits of our programmable electronic interfaces:

  • Customized programming possible in addition to the available business applications
  • High metrological performance
  • Easy integration in any industrial process: communication with the main field buses
  • Possible installation of all components in Ex-zone
  • Traceability of weighing and dosing is ensured

PRECIA MOLEN’s programmable electronic interfaces make you more productive. You don’t have to spend time programming, our interfaces are ready for use. We offer two types of programmable electronic interfaces with digital readout: the I410 weighing electronics and the I 700 weighing electronics. The programming interface allows you to configure them according to your specific needs with your own function keys, whether for formulation or labeling, for example.

Certifications and integration

The I410 weighing electronics and the I 700 weighing electronics are certified to meet local and international standards. They can also be easily integrated into existing installations. For example, you have the option of having different enclosures for the I410 and the possibility of interconnection with your existing ERP for the I700. Whatever the application, you get accurate and reproducible measurements.

The specificities of our programmable electronic interfaces

Compact, with a color touch screen, the I700 weighing electronics works with various devices: industrial platforms, bar code readers, precision scales, label printers, balance printers… The I700 has business applications. You can use it for manual labeling, statistical control of prepackages or for formulation and weighing management.

If these applications are not sufficient and do not fully meet your needs, our customer project teams can work with you on a customized solution.

The modular architecture of the I410 allows it to be integrated into any industrial process. Designed primarily for industry, the I410 is resistant and can be used for multi-channel weighing, vehicle weighing, continuous and discontinuous weighing for bulk materials, or batching for single and multi-product loads.

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