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  • Simple weighing
  • Counting
  • Animal weighing

technical features

Technique without compromise

Protection index: IP66

Operation temperature range: -10°/+40°C.

110-240V 0.2A, 50-60Hz integrated mains supply.

Classes III and IV accreditation, 3000 and 2×3000 divisions.

LNE-30973 evaluation certification.

50000-record DSD.

Exceptional user experience

RS232 or USB communication.

Optional BLUETOOTH Interface.

Possibility of power supply through internal battery:

  • 20 to 55-hour autonomy depending on use conditions
  • Charged at 100% in 7h (80% in 4h)

Mechanical column or front mounting accessories to fit on all PRECIA MOLEN platforms.

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Internet of things

weigh2go application for smartphones or tablets for a remote control of the indicator’s basic functions.


Download the Weigh2Go application:


Appli Windows

Appli Android

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