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Weighing indicators for simple weighing operations

Do you need easy-to-use, quality weighing indicators? PRECIA MOLEN offers different models in stainless steel or thermoplastic with an intuitive interface, to fit your environment and your needs. They can be integrated into any industrial process that requires weight measurement.

The benefits of our industrial weighing indicators

  • An intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Customizable and connected: Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet
  • Can be integrated into any type of platform, within an installation, in a cabinet or against a wall
  • The quality materials used for our indicator ranges protect against dust and water projections according to the IP66 index.

Our wide range of indicators offers various weighing solutions and dosing possibilities. The primary purpose of an indicator is to be connected to digital or analog load cells, in order to restore the weight of the objects to be weighed. This range of weighing systems also offers several options: analog output, field bus, management of inputs / outputs.

Intuitive and customizable weighing terminals

Our dedicated weighing interfaces are designed to be easy to use, with the basic applications you need determined with you in the field. Designed to be durable, our weight indicators can be placed in harsh industrial environments and are easy to maintain. With the i25 weighing electronics, for example, you can customize the home screen for easier access to the applications you use most.

Easy to use remotely

Whether it is a weighbridge measure or in a production area, you can remotely control the weighing indicator via PC or smartphone and use the data that is transferred in real time to the ERP system, in CSV or Txt. The collected data management, essential for a better productivity, is facilitated. Several applications are available: Weigh2control and Weigh2flow for the i40 BS Connected indicator and Truckflow for the weighbridge indicators.

Weigh2control is an application on phone, tablet or Windows that connects to the indicator. Weigh2flow is another app that allows you to connect up to 20 scales on the same site or on different sites. Truckflow is a PC software for managing weighbridge weighing scale.

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