Weighing Indicator i5 S

Introducing the new i5 S indicator, a simple, accessible, and versatile tool suitable for all professions. Simplify your weighing operations and enjoy an optimal user experience.


To begin with, the i5 S features a tactile keyboard designed to be used with all types of gloves, allowing you to work without constraints. Additionally, the container automatically tares itself, eliminating the need for additional manipulations.


The i5 S weighing electronics also includes a convenient “HOLD” function, which keeps the weight displayed on the screen even after removing the weighted object. This enables you to take note of the result without rushing. Another practical feature of the indicator is its automatic zero-reset function after each weighing, allowing you to quickly proceed to the next weighing without manual resetting.


When it comes to data collection, the i5 S comes with standard RS232 and USB ports, making it easy to retrieve weighing data. Furthermore, the centralization and simplification of weighing management, even remotely, is ensured by our WEIGH2CONTROL application.


Designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, the i5 S boasts an IP66 protection rating. You can use it with confidence, even under challenging conditions.


Lastly, the i5 S is a portable indicator designed to accompany you wherever you need it. With a battery life of 20 to 50 hours, it is reliable and long-lasting. It charges quickly, reaching 80% capacity in just 4 hours, and a full charge is achieved within 7 hours.

In summary, the i5 S indicator is the perfect tool for streamlining your weighing operations. Its robust design and ease of cleaning make it an ideal choice for industrial environments, and its portability allows you to take it anywhere.

With the i5 S, weighing becomes simpler and more efficient.

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